Avengers Issue # 277 30 Single T-Shirt

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Talk about an all out brawl! Goliath, Wrecker, and Zemo against the likes of Cap, Thor, Wasp...and Dr. Druid? Wait, you mean to tell me we have TWO shirts with that Dr. Druid on them? That guy is making a comeback! Everybody will know the name of Dr. Druid! Wait...who? Nevermind. This great 100% cotton t-shirt is of a much higher thread count than your standard shirt (meaning that it is crazy soft) and is boldly imprinted with the cover art of Avengers #277! Thor lays the smack down on Goliath and Captain America/ Dr. Druid play the mind games with Zemo. Ah, good times. Fancy yourself an Avengers fan? Might as well broadcast it to the world with this great t-shirt!

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