Batman Embossed Torso PVC Wallet

Product no.: BATMAN75757
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The Batman Embossed Torso PVC Wallet mimics the look of the torso of a grey-costumed Caped Crusader, featuring nice big classic black-and-yellow Bat symbol right in the center of his chest/the wallet's front panel! When you open this 4 inch wide by 3.5 inch high cash receptacle you'll find multiple opportunities to stash your multiple wallet-sized things. For starters, there's the large nylon pouch in back for your wad of cash and/or notes you need to stick in there throughout your day. There's also a clear compartment in which you can slide your ID or favorite wallet-sized photo. Then, above a black Bat symbol on the right there are three more pockets to stack your beloved credit cards. This Batman Embossed Torso PVC Wallet gives you a stylish way to represent the Dark Knight and hold onto your important items!
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