Bishop Statue

Product no.: BISHO8877
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The X-Men Bishop Statue is a Bowen Designs Release! Bishop stands 17 inches overall from the tip of his rifle to his base. Sculpted by The Kucharek Brothers. Bishop's mutant powers enable him to absorb all forms of radiant or conductive energy directed towards him with the ability to release the energy from his body or store it for future use. The energy increases his strength and and makes him invulnerable. Born in a dystopian future, the mutant Bishop became a member of Xavier's Security Enforcers, a mutant strike force in that future that worked to protect mutants and uphold Xavier's ideals. A desperate mission to the past to save the X-Men from a traitor stranded him in the present day, and for a time he served with the X-Men until the birth of the Mutant Messiah Hope turned him against his erstwhile allies. This anti-hero is sculpted by the Kucharek Brothers for this 16" tall statue.
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