Captain America Running Neon Wall Clock

Product no.: CAPTAM87686
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Captain America likes people to be on time. That whole beef between him and the Red Skull is based entirely on a simple misunderstanding. Captain America wanted to go see the movie, "UP" and it started at 2:30pm. The Red Skull showed up 45 minutes late so Captain America had no idea what was going on! From that day on, Captain America vowed revenge on the Red Skull and to never tolerate tardiness again. With that in mind, Captain America designed this freedom-filled Captain America Running Neon Wall Clock! With a 14.75 inch diameter, this neon wall clock will make sure you never are late to any movie ever again. Or else. The Red Skull didn't start off with a Red Skull, ca-piche? Requires 1 AA 1.5V battery for the clock and needs to be plugged in(an electrical outlet) for the neon light!
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