Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword

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This is the sword of Conan. Although, Conan has had many swords this was the sword that began it all. The sword is very well made with extreme details, down to the grain of antlers and texture of the Elk Skull. This is an essential piece to add to any fantasy collection. The sword includes a black end cap and Wooden Wall Mount Plaque. This sword's blade, manufactured from 440 stainless steel, is finished with a very even and attractive mirror polish finish. Conan has been many things over the years, since his creation in 1930, including a thief, outlaw, mercenary and even a King. Orginally from the Cimmerian peoples, whose ancestory can be traced back to Atlantis, Conan exists in the myhtical Hyborian age. He was born on the battle field and is the son of a black smith. At the age 15 he was already a respected warrior and soon followed his hearts lust for wandering finding almost 8 decades of adventure. His travels carrying him from the novels of Weird Tales, to comic books and film. Specifications: Overall Length: 39 Inches Blade Length: 28 Inches Blade: Fuller, Factory Edge, 440 Stainless Steel Grip Length: 5 Inches Includes: Wooden Display
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