Wizard Hunting 150 lbs Recurve Black Crossbow

Product no.: CROSSBOW7755
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This Wizard Hunting Crossbow is light and compact, safe and reliable, and built like the proverbial brick outhouse. It is fully suitable for large game hunting. It offers fiberglass limb with an aluminum body with an 11 inch power stroke. It features 150Lbs draw weight, and arrows can travel up to 210 FPS initial speed. This powerful Wizard 150 lbs crossbow comes equipped with an auto safety mechanism when cocking. This classic crossbow package comes with two arrows. Works With The Following Arrows: Extra Survival Aluminum Arrow Black 14 Inch 6pcs Set Extra Survival Aluminum Arrow Red 14 Inch 6pcs Set Survival Arrow Equipment Aluminum Red 16 Inch Extra Survival Aluminum Arrow Black 16 Inch 6pcs Set Don’t Forget The Following Accessories: Broadhead Arrow Head Set 3 Blade Broadhead Arrow Head Set 4 Blades Archery Accessory Performance Crossbow String Replacement 160, 150, 120 Series Archery Accessory Crossbow 6 Arrow Quiver Holster Black Extra Long Durable 150 LBS Hunting Crossbow Stringer Features: -Heavy duty hunting crossbow -Powerful 150Lbs draw weight -Arrows travel up to 210 FPS -Weaver Style: 7/8 Inch -High-tech Fiberglass Limb -Aluminum Barrel Construction -Auto safety cocking mechanism design -Very good accuracy for up to 60 yards -Power Stroke: 11 Inches Specifications: Overall Length: 33 Inches Width (Prod): 26 Inches Limb Material: Fiberglass Barrel Material: Aluminum Prod Material: Fiberglass, Black Color Includes: Prod, 2 Starter Arrows, String, End Caps, Foot Stirrup
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