Demon T-Shirt by Jack Kirby

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Jack Kirby has spawned some of the most epic comic book characters ever, some may even consider him the Grandpappy of Comics for his creativity and constant drive. They all can't be as noble as Captain America or any of the members of the Fantastic Four, so we occasionally get somebody like Etrigan The Demon. Taking the split personality factor way above the call of duty, Jason Blood and Etrigan have an unusual relationship among superheros. Probably closer to the idea of Venom, where the righteous hero takes on a slightly darker approach to things. When I say darker, I mean dark enough to make the Marquis De Sade quiver in fear. I suppose that is what happens when a powerful demon from hell meets up with a gallant Knight from the Round Table. This awesome 100% cotton t-shirt is 100% immune to hellfire and may invoke a penchant for rhyming.

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