Dr. Strange Blacklight 30 Single T-Shirt

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I think Dr. Strange got a hold of some bad magic, man. They told him it was just a Luden's cough drop! He is a doctor, he should have known. Well, I suppose it has been a while since he has practiced medicine, but being a brain surgeon at one point should have rubbed off a little. At least he is one of the most powerful humanoids in the Marvel Universe, he should be okay. You guys think Dr. Strange ever has a normal day, or do you think the very nature of the job keeps him involved in some rather bizarre occurrences? Judging by this 100% cotton, 30 single t-shirt, I would go with the second option. 30 single means that this shirt has been infused with magic, which has resulted in a much softer feel than your normal t-shirt! Just don't let Dormammu close or he'll try to take it away from you. Now, will it really work if you put it next to a black light bulb? Not sure, but looks like it could, right? Am I right? I would try it for myself, but my dad won't give up his last bulb.

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