King Arthur Excalibur Round Table Longsword

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By far the most famous sword in Medieval European history, Excalibur was the personal battle sword of King Arthur given to him by the Lady of the Lake (contrary to popular belief, it is not the sword pulled from the stone). With ornate imagery on the guard and the scabbard, this replica is perfect for collectors and medieval enthusiasts, the guard features vivid imagery of two dragons bracketing an engraving of Arthur’s Round Table. The scabbard has intricate scroll work engravings on the chafe and locket along with further images of the Round Table. Slightly sharpened with a sharp point, the blade is constructed from 440 stainless steel which holds a better and more long lasting edge when sharpening and a ridge runs along its length. Providing a solid grip, the handle of the sword features a metal wire wrap while the pommel of the sword is solid with a cut out pattern on an orb and an antique finish for an attractive and classic look. Specifications: Overall Length: 35 Inches Blade Length: 27.25 Inches Blade Material: 440 stainless steel Blade Thickness: 2.5mm Handle Length: 7 Inches Handle Material: Wire wrap Includes: Wood scabbard, Cast metal chafe and locket
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