Fantastic Four Symbol (30 Single) T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this blue t-shirt features the classic Fantastic Four symbol! Remember when "Dimension R" opened up in the middle of town and those horrific, bee-like humanoids started suffocating people with honey launched forth from their salivating maws? Remember who dropped the hell down with some crazy-@$$ machinery and a rather rough-skinned looking fellow waxing about his Aunt ...Petunia, I think it was? Yep, it was the Fantastic Four and they pulled you and your family out of there before the crap got too deep. Well, in this case, the honey. HAH! This Fantastic Four tee is made with a higher thread count, meaning it's noticeably softer then the average t-shirt and a bit more form fitting. This is a high quality t-shirt that absolutely glorifies Marvel Comics' first freakin' family!

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