Green Lantern Symbol Chain Wallet

Product no.: GREENLA8855
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Made of Polyester and PU Leather (a synthetic leather with the look and feel of leather, but with increased durability and flexibility), this green, tri-fold wallet features the Green Lantern Symbol at the end of a stitched, black band running the length of the wallet, surrounded by printed images of Green Lantern himself! Closed, this wallet measures 3" long, about 1" wide and 4" high. Open, this baby measures 9.5" across. With 2 snaps for closure, the Green Lantern wallet also features multiple pockets for multiple things and a 15" chain! Now, recite the Green Lantern Oath with me: "IN BRIGHTEST DAY, IN BLACKEST NIGHT, MY WALLET WILL BE ALL RIGHT!" What? What do you mean that's not the oath?
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