Green Lantern Symbol Mouse Pad

Product no.: GREENLANMOU7
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It is a pity you don't have a Green Lantern ring...makes computing a lot easier. Those bloody things work like a universal translator, a Google Universe(for maps), an app store for downloading all the hottest tunes(because flying through space can be kinda boring), and Angry Birds. Green Lantern rings are actually the next phase of smart phone technology; they are on the 50G network brought to you by Oan Wireless. However, they won't be for the general public for a couple hundred years so you'll have to deal with the those regular computers for the time being. At least this Green Lantern Symbol Mouse Pad(featuring the always needed Lanterns symbol) will make it a bit easier to bide your time. You can harness pure willpower while you play them fancy killing simulators, I 'reckon.
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