Iron Man 2 Series 1 Mini-Montage Film Cell

Product no.: IRONMN77575
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Film cell based on the action-packed Iron Man sequel! • Own a piece of the film - literally! • Beautifully mounted and framed. • Limited edition of 2,500 pieces! The Iron Man 2 Series 1 Mini-Montage Film Cell contains actual clips of the film and portrays memorable images and scenes, all on a stunning descriptive plaque. These elements have been double mounted and placed within a beautiful black wood frame measuring 13-inches tall x 11-inches wide. The Iron Man 2 Series 1 Mini-Montage Film Cell comes with a certificate of authenticity and is a limited edition of 2,500 pieces. Note: This item contains actual clips of film, an image portraying the movie(s), artist(s), or character(s), and a stunning descriptive plaque. The strips of film vary from piece to piece as they are hand picked from reels of film. Only six months after revealing himself as the Repulsor-Powered Hero, tech-mogul Tony Stark finds himself at the center of public interest and the envy of industrialists everywhere. Though Iron Man's emergence has eased global tensions, new threats mounting at home and abroad might jeopardize Stark's efforts. It will take all his ingenuity and some newly adapted armor technology for Iron Man to lead the chaotic world toward peace! Size: 13-inches tall Edition Size: 2,500 pieces
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