Iron Man Helmet Flip It Up Beanie

Product no.: IRONMN86996
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This Iron Man Helmet Flip It Up Beanie carries the image of Iron Man's helmet at the bottom edge of its red outer shell and has a yellow interior with a classic "The Invincible Iron Man" logo which can be made visible when the edge is rolled up! Now you have the opportunity to show your love of Ol' Shellhead in words or with his steely visage! You're sure to bring a smile to Tony's face and your own when you're sporting this Iron Man beanie. Yours, 'cause you'll be as warm and toasty as if you had your own Iron Man helmet on, and his, because if there's one thing Tony loves nearly as much as himself, it's others loving him. And there will be no doubt about that when you add this Iron Man Helmet Flip It Up Beanie to your cart!
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