Planet Krypton Central City T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this red t-shirt features the logo and symbolism from the Super Hero themed restaurant chain, Planet Krypon! You've eaten at Planet Krypton, right? You had the Green Lantern Chocolate-Mint Shake and the Superman Corn/ Broccoli Medley? Ok, maybe those dishes aren't served at Planet Krypton, but they could be...someday. But you liked being served the Anti-Monitor, right? He didn't talk a lot and sort of sneered at you for existing, but he got the order right and let you put a sombrero on his head and take a picture. What a great sport for someone who's not so into co-existence. This Planet Krypton t-shirt seems to represent the Central City location of this well established eatery. No, Flash doesn't eat there. Not since the Flash museum started offering real fruit smoothies.

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