Silver Surfer Herald of Galactus Jack Kirby T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this royal blue t-shirt features a Kirby-rendered image of freakin' Galactus and the @#$%$ ###$$#% Silver Surfer! Holy S###! It's Kirby! It's Cosmic! It's Galactus and Silver Surfer! Hide your children! Actually, doesn't matter. Your whole planet is about to implode; Galactus is transforming it into pure energy so...he can inhale it. AHHH! There is nowhere to hide! And, if you happen to make it off-planet before said implosion, Surfer will turn your soul into stalks of bamboo! AHH! There is no escape! Oh, wait! Look, it's Beta Ray Bill! Looks like he's gonna'....oh, never mind. Uh, I would step to the left. His body's dropping pretty fast.

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