DC 75th Anniversary Superman #233 T-Shirt

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Superman just said, "I'm going to flex and bust out of these chains" but unlike that guy in Pineapple Express, Superman actually managed to pull it off. Villains are always trying to chain up Superman, but the guy's name is the Man of Steel. Seriously guys, it isn't going to work. I feel like all of the bad dudes were sitting at the Legion of Doom and one of them suggested that maybe since the 40 foot length of Kryptonite chains didn't work, maybe they should try 80. You see how this can get exponentially scarier and scarier yet the same outcome keeps happening. Look at this 100% cotton shirt featuring Superman standing on the original covering, doing the exact same thing....75 years later. That's almost 100 years of trying to chain up Superman and it not working!

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