Superman Symbol Unbuttoned T-Shirt

Product no.: SUPERMN87655
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Our Superman Symbol Unbuttoned T-Shirt is a 100% cotton, black t-shirt that displays an image of Clark Kent's hands pulling apart his nice white dress shirt to reveal the iconic Superman symbol on his royal blue costume underneath! That's right, he's ready to save the day! Or are they your hands, showing everyone just how Super you really are? But if that's the case, what kind of sorcery did you use to get hands on your new Superman t-shirt AND at the end of your arms, trickster? It's (not really, not at all) like this Superman t-shirt is really three shirts in one! It's like a hall of mirrors! There's the t-shirt on your body, the white button-up Clark wears to the Daily Planet, and the Superman costume underneath! Or maybe it's just a really cool design on the one Superman Symbol Unbuttoned t-shirt you should add to your cart right now!

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