Thor Journey into Mystery Issue 117 30 Single T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this soft, bright yellow t-shirt features a reproduction of the cover to Thor: Journey into Mystery issue # 117! In this issue, Thor fights a stronger....yourself! HAH! the tee and you'll find the humor in it. Yep, this is a classic cover image of Thor and his ego (having recently left his body, apparently), getting into it once and for freakin' all. I mean, Thor's ego is probably stronger than Thor himself. Initially, Thor was pretty sure he couldn't throw that mountain into the sun, but his ego.....his ego was pretty sure it could be done, so Thor....Thor picked it up and strained his godly vertebrae. Again, this demonstrates that Thor's ego has the edge. This bright, yellow t-shirt is made with a 30 Single thread count, making this Thor t-shirt softer than average. Well, softer by mortal standards. In no way is this Thor T-shirt as soft as the hide of a Plush Giant from Swarvenjweltenbien!

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