Thor Mighty Avenger Red T-Shirt

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Made from 100% cotton, this red t-shirt features the purposely distressed Thor logo, his familiar moniker, "The Mighty Avenger" (with the addition of "Protector of the Realm") and the image of mighty Mjolnir, Thor's sacred Uru hammer. Yep. Mjolnir was forged in the great Elder-belly of Brotuswarvenhold, held by the shimmering tongs of Bjornesbartle and dipped into the secreting, star-glazed molars of the fabled Sky Giant.....Billbrenswarvenfjetermittle. Please, just call him "Bill." Yep, that's how you make a Mjolnir. You a fan of Thor the comic, Thor the movie or Thor the street vendor? Yes to the first two? Good. ADD TO CART!

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