Uncanny X-Men Issue #495 Cover T-Shirt

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That gene in humanity that creates mutants also has a bizarre effect on clothing...such as spawning this 100% cotton Uncanny X-Men Issue #495 Cover T-Shirt! This shirt used to be a Cookie Monster shirt, but I think he turned into Cyclops after the exposure. I kid I kid! This fantastic shirt features the cover art of the Uncanny X-Men #495, where I'm sure they all got together to fight some impossible and/or insane super Christopher Walken or Justin Beiber. I probably shouldn't say that. Christopher Walken is such a nice man. This t-shirt boldly shows off a whole slew of popular X-Men characters such as: Wolverine, Nightcrawler (my favorite), Cyclops(shudder), Archangel, Emma Frost, and Colossus! I feel kind of bad for that Sentinel in the background.

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