FEATURED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Wolverine Basketball Jersey

Product no.: WOLVEBAS6733
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Made from 100% Polyester, this black and yellow, meshed basketball jersey simulates the costume of a certain immortal samurai with shiny, metal-y claw-things......the incorrigible Wolverine! This quality, Wolverine basketball jersey features a screen-printed X-Men symbol set against yellow mesh, with those black....spikey things cutting into the yellow on Wolverine's costume! YEAH! Turn it around, we have a larger X-Men symbol set against yellow mesh set just below Wolverine's denoted last name, "Howlett." Because that's his actual last name. Yup. This Wolverine Jersey also features striped, covered elastic bands encircling the collar and arm openings, as well as.....uh...y'know, the whole Wolverine motif-thing. Yeah.

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