Wolverine Tie Die T-Shirt

Product no.: WOLVWER2393933
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Before showing me this 100% cotton t-shirt, I probably would have said tie-die and Wolverine doesn't mix. Of course I would have been wrong, because check out how awesome this t-shirt is! In Wolverine's color scheme and showing off a classic image of our blood thirsty lil' animal, this t-shirt is great for the Wolverine fans. I would be super angry if I had to deal with Cyclops all the time too. I get irritable when that guy is even mentioned, but then again, Wolverine ain't exactly a social butterfly either. Suppose it could be worse, you could have a son that has 'I want to kill you/ not kill you' bipolar episodes. Maybe Wolverine should join the "My Son Hates Me Club", he then can share war stories with Batman! This is a one of a kind tee that won't be made for very much longer, hence the higher price tag.

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