Wonder Twins Jayna Symbol T-Shirt

Product no.: WONDERTWIN7
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Made from 100% Cotton, we have the Wonder Twins Jayna Symbol T-Shirt! That's right, a Wonder Twins T-Shirt! The Wonder Twins Jayna Symbol T-Shirt is a violet colored shirt featuring Jayna's "J" Symbol....mostly so she doesn't forget which twin she is. Anyway, Jayna is the female half of the Wonder Twins, a brother and sister team of powered individuals created specifically for the very kid friendly, "Superfriends," cartoon. When the Wonder Twins press their fists together, their amazing (translation: crappy) powers are activated; Jayna gains the ability to transform into any animal of her choosing. If only Jayna would transform into a penguin and drop off a cliff! "Form of: A bad joke!"

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