Marvel Knights: Astonishing X-Men - Torn DVD

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"Whedon seems bent on recapturing the fantastic fun of seminal X-scribe Chris Claremont, without compromising a single brain cell.He is helped enormously by the crisp, clean renderings of John Cassaday. Their collaboration.simmers with comic-booky passion." - Entertainment Weekly If you thought Gifted and Dangerous were full of shocks and surprises, hold onto your eyeballs-because you haven't seen anything yet! Emma Frost's erratic behavior has the X-Men spinning in a non-stop downward spiral. Will an unlikely union be the final straw? After secretly lying in wait for months, the new Hellfire Club makes its move! Written by Joss Whedon, this X-Men tale features a threat to the collection of mutants from a new group calling themselves Hellfire Club.
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