Superman Solar Symbol T-Shirt

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We had originally designed this 100% cotton Superman Solar Symbol T-Shirt to be based on Kryptonian technology. Unfortunately, when exposed to yellow sunlight the Superman Solar Symbol T-Shirt gained super powers and began to cause anarchy in the waking world. You know how hard it is to explain to somebody why you ripped their car door off the handle? "Hey, It is the shirt, man! I swear it!" That excuse really doesn't cut it, though it doesn't really help explain things to onlookers either. Look, Superman and Co. would be relatively powerless on their home planet(which is bathed in red sunlight). Their bodies react to our yellow sunlight by super charging their entire system! I wonder what would happen if we visited a red sun? Hmm, perhaps this could be motivation for more exploration of the solar system. Hey, might as well sport the Superman Solar Symbol T-Shirt on the trip!

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